Mypursu was created by Keyutech In 2019, we put together a new easiest plan, and envisioned a new direction for mypursu. mypursu is a mobile wallet that keeps all your cards in one place. You may store all kinds of cards—loyalty cards, payment cards (credit/debit/ATM), transport cards (bus/train/metro), identity cards (driver's licence/student/ID), tickets (shows/movies) and even key cards (work/car/home entrance). Mypursu is more useful, safer and faster than your wallet. Mypursu turns your digital cards into information hubs allowing you to check out from your favourite cards! It also allows engaging in card-specific actions directly from your favourite cards: filling petrol from petrol card, buying flight tickets from airline card, tracking parcels from courier card, etc.

Note this is not a mobile payments app. Its purpose is to give you simpler and safer access to your personal credit information. Mypursu can help take you there. Mypursu smartphone app that hold your payment and loyalty card information. For more complex note-taking—at work, for example—you could create a dedicated workspace to store all meeting notes in one place and share it with the team.

We dream of a world where users can easily store their cards and Notes at a place where they don’t need to carry anymore physical cards.

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Our Focuses

Storing Cards
Storing Notes
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To create a platform to users to store information of all the favourite cards & Notes on smart devices so you can pay & use in person or in app / online.


To be innovators in Digital Wallet space.


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